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FC Zalando

It’s no secret that the right set of clothes can give you a boost of confidence. As the saying goes: ‘clothes make the man’. To put this into practice we found the right group of people who could use a big boost of confidence. Local football team RKSV Sterksel was the worst performing team in the Dutch football competition. Zalando decided to help them towards a new season with fresh new clothes for on the pitch, and off. But that’s not all: they received a full make-over, training by some real experts and even an actual players bus. These regular joe’s became local heroes and the faces of Zalando’s ‘Scoor met stijl’ campaign. 

03_FC ZALANDO_BUS_057.jpg
^ Casestudy
^ Fashionvideo
^ Portrait players
^ Portrait trainer
^ Portrait chairman
^ Kickoff video
03_FC ZALANDO_BUS_437.jpg
03_FC ZALANDO_BUS_272.jpg
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